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soon you will see what my eyes have seen



Judgehydrogen is a visual artist and musician.  The focus of his works are

apocalyptic myths.   He is best known for his song "A Body of Water" which appears

in the new Ethan Hawke film 'Sinister' directed by Scott Derrickson.


Once the devolpement of this skills were complete he recorded "Atheistic God" which

was released in 2007.  The concept of this album  is inspired by humanities tendency

to believe in contradictary ideas .  The musick is Industrial, gothic, and dark ambient.  

These compositions inspire dark ceremonies.


His second album, "Cult of Blood,"  released in 2008,  was a departure from the

meditative elements that were so prevalent in "Athesitic God." Experimental Doom

metal would best describe "Cult of Blood."  Once again these ideas of apocalyptic

myths are revisited and the atrocities they inspire.  Has there ever been a more

abominable collection of songs released?


After the completion of "Cult of Blood,"  Judgehydrogen started making plans for a

third album.  It was also during this period he began creating original 2d artwork.  

He printed posters and prints of these works and was well-received at horror

conventions.  "The Death of Life," "Oculus Rising," and  "How the Flesh Writhes"

are the best known of these visual apocalyptic works.  Attending horror conventions

to sell his artworks has dominated much of his time in recent years (2009-11).  His

favorite conventions are Days of the Dead, Horrorhound, and Crypticon.  


On Nov. 15th 2011 he released "Revolutionary Suicide."  It is the final component of

his aural triptych.  It a return to his dark ambient and industrial roots .   In recent

 years, the cries for revolution has become deafening.  Judgehydrogen hears these

calls and has responded accordingly.  "It is apparent that one cannot compromise

with those who use their influence for personal gain at the expense of others.  

Throughout this planet the priviledged exploit the many and their rule must be

ended.  Do you hear the sound of life tearing itself?  "Revolutionary Suicide" is

 my gift to you."




The revolution begins with art and musick!



“It is my obligation as an artist to capture visually life tearing itself apart. My work

focuses upon apocalyptic myths.  These myths shape our conscious and

subconscious minds and provoke great conflict.   The conflict that arises from these

myths is one between outdated cosmologies and technology.  Is our survival possible

 if our belief systems are based upon ancient myths and we posses volatile

technologies that could easily annihilate all life on Earth?  Humanities nature is in

contention with technology.  Our capacity to adapt, our independence, and survival

is threatened by the contradictions engendered by these myths. If we are to change

our “path,” it is evident that we must abandon these myths and create a new vision

 of ourselves and our role in nature.”-JUDGEHYDROGEN 2009

soon you will see what my eyes have seen